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Saturday, August 27, 2011


(Jupiter Glory Talisman)
For the achievement of money and its sources Equally useful for men and women

It’s a great miracle of highly effective and auspicious timings. It attracts the fortunate regarding financial matters as the magnet attracts the iron. SEE IT, WEAR IT. Remain wearing it with full determination: with the will of God, your efforts regarding the acquisition of money will definitely result positively. Nature will create the sources for making your life better within years. This talisman contains the prayer of Hazrat Yousaf that was revealed in the holy Quran, “O ALLAH! MAKE ME GENEROUS WITH YOUR BOUNTY.” Keep it with you if you wish to be prosperous. Make it the centre of your hopes during the time of insufficient finance otherwise you will not be able to pace with the demands of the era.
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