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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Talisman for your birth chart

 To choose a talisman is to pick appropriate talismans for your birthchart. Basically we choose talismans whose planets are strong in your birth chart to give you their natural effect strongly and talismans whose planets are weak in your natal chart to strengthen their natural effect. We avoid planets that are afflicted in your chart because you can have an "allergic" reaction to them. Whatever their placement or rulership in your birth chart planets primarly give their natural effects through their talismans and their natal placement or rulership only secondarily. 
If you are familiar with traditional astrology you can check your birth chart as follows:
  • Talismans will give a strong effect if the planet is dignified in its sign, exaltation or triplicity, in your natal chart. For example, Jupiter in Pisces, his sign, in your natal chart means Jupiter is an excellent talisman for you. 
  • Talismans in which the planet is afflicted by being in fall, detriment, combust or retrograde in your natal chart, are "red flags". Use these talismans with caution. Some people get good results with talismans of planets afflicted in their natal chart, others have problems. It is a good idea to do a divination (I ching, tarot, etc.) first before using these talismans. For example, if your Saturn is in Aries, his fall, in your natal chart, you need be careful using a Saturn talisman. If a planet is afflicted in your natal chart you can do  to help with the problems it causes. 
  • Planets in any other placements in your natal chart other the specific dignities or afflictions list listed above are fine as talismans. The dignities and afflictions listed above are the only ones we consider with talismans, even though there are many other types of dignity and affliction in traditional astrology. For example, planets in particular houses or making particular aspects are not a problem if you wish to use them as talismans.