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Spiritual Assistance In Light Of Qur'aan

  SUFI    MOHAMMAD IMRAN RAZVEE                   Spiritual Healer& Numerologist.                        0091 9883021668 /0091 3323607502   I want to serve mankind, those who are suffering from unknown problems which they themselves do not know which is related with their daily life. Nowadays it has become a very common problem; out of 10 people 6 are suffering from BLACK MAGIC, BAD SPRIT, VOODOO, SAHAR, JINS, EVIL EYES, CURSES, HEXES, NEGATIVE MAGIC SPELLS, FAMILY, and FINANCIAL AND BUSINESS PROBLEM and so on. I have rediscovered the forgotten weapon in spiritual warfare and key to successful deliverance. I do not give any false commitments and assurance and also do not practice any foul or harmful spells to harm other. I only wants to heal & protect the victim and give benefits& gain.      If anyone wants to know about something which is better for him or not, I can do ISTIKHARA for him. If anyone wants to have more successes