بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

These are the spiritual assistance I can help in the light of Quran

For Example:

Learn Spiritualism And Art Of Amulets:

People who want to learn and master in the art of preparing amulets/taweezat can join us and start spiritual journey with total faith and belief. We guide and lead spiritually in a very simple and clear way. Details are given in our website.

Complete Removal, Treatment  And Cure Of Any Kind Of Magic And Spell:

There are multiple types of magic for example:

Sahar-ul-Marz, Sahar-ul-Hawatif, Sahar -e- Takheel, Sahar-e- Tafreeq etc. etc..To remove and cure all type of spells, there is a course of taweezat can be done which is for 40 or 90 days, sometimes 120 days depends on the severity of case, in which water is given to patient or effective person which is made of Quranic verses written with saffron. With this, amulet for burning purpose also given and there is separate naqsh/amulet for each day.This is one of the most popular method of removing magic of any kind. There are also other methods which are done accordingly.

Sahar-E-Tafreeq / Magic Between Husband And Wife:

This is done to separate or cause differences between husband and wife, special course of taweezat/amulet made of saffron are given to cure.

Complete elimination of Shetani asaraat, Jinn , evil spirit, sheikh saddu

Satisfactory treatment of people who are under devilish influence of poltergeist, ghost or spirit is done with full confidence and it’s not mandatory to bring the sick person or sufferer in the office. For the help in sheikh sadu, must contact us, as from the blessing of our  Slisila Aliya Qadria Barkatiya Rizviya we completely finish this kind of evil power.

Protection from evil eyes:

Many people as well as children undergo and hurt from evil eyes. Evil eyes deteriorate and destroy property, business and social status. Many hadiths have been reported concerning evil eye sickness and troubles. Taweezat/charms are given to protect from evil eyes.

Personal and marital problems:

Married couple specially men if they are facing any sexual problem there is definitely a spiritual cure.

Success in love and love marriage issues:

To achieve success in love affairs and solving love marriage issues we have the biggest and very successful procedure. By the grace of Allah, thousands of people around the world gratified with success regarding this matter. Chiragh-e-mohabbat (love lamp), Loh-e-Taskheer Akbar, Loh-e-Zahra Khas, Loh-e- Sharaf-e-Zahra, Loh-e-Taskheer Khalq and other types of angelic procedure are done accordingly and given to needy people. In this, four element procedure is quite popular here.

Hurdles/ Complication in getting married:

If one’s daughter or sister is facing difficulty in getting married due to magic or some diabolism then there is a solution with the help of taweezat/amulets made with Quranic verses written by saffron. This is a 40 days course, one Naqsh is also given to wear around the neck or tie on arm.

Annoyance/ irritation by enemies:

To protect from perplexity and distress by people, Naqsh of Dua-e-Saifi, Naqsh of Dua-e-Hydri etc. are given created to devastate the enemy. You can also ask the demolition and collapse of enemies only in certain conditions for example; to hold one’s tongue, to refrain someone from speaking something unpleasant and to start clash and controversy between enemies or to shatter the them.

To make business prosperous or to expand the business:

To make business blessed and flourished Loh-e-Shams, Loh-e-Mushtari, Loh-e-Zahra, Loh-e-Nafa e Tijarat, Naqsh-e-Fathe Mubeen etc. are created. In regards to become filthy rich and make your business extraordinary triumphant these charms/ amulets are positively valuable.

Release of a person from imprisonment:

To remove imprisonment, one charm/ talisman / taweez is created for a prisoner to wear around the neck, if it’s not possible then some other taweez / talisman will be given to put or throw in the river.

Stability in job:

There are many people who don’t have permanent job, or some are hired only for a short duration or on temporary basis. For building a more stable career and life platform Loh-e-Istehkaam, Loh-e-shams, Loh-e-Taskheer Akbar are given.

Increment and promotion in designation:

Those people who wants advancement in rank or position as they work but not getting any fruitful result. While their co-workers are getting promoted and upgraded even who were junior to them while no obstacle is found in their path and it seems to be a natural phenomenon, there is a spiritual solution to this problem in Naqsh-e-Takseer etc. which is made every month.

To Conceive A Baby Or To Become A Pregnant:

There are lots of reasons for not conceiving a child, sometimes bad health, due to some natural complications, illness and sexual problems. There is a spiritual solution to all kind of problems through Quranic verses.

To Win A Court Case:

There is a solution for help and success in any kind of court case. For normal and easy cases, a Naqsh called, “Naqsh-e-Fathe Mubeen” is made whereas to conquest big and difficult cases a special “Chilla” of some “Quranic ayahs” is done which is for 120 days.

Victory in Competitive Exams:

Many difficult exams like UPSC, WBCS and other difficult tests from all around the world a special Loh is created called “Loh-e-shams” to get fruitful reward.

Cure For Critical and Undiagnosed Diseases:

When doctor fails to cure and diagnose the medical case even when all the laboratory tests are cleared, lot of money is wasted and there is no hope around and patient is not getting better even after taking medicines. In such cases saffron taweezat are given of some special Quranic verses, to make this procedure more forceful and strong we do dam also. By the grace of Allah only in first attempt (Chilla) patient gets better and over health is improved.

Improving memory power and increment in Intelligence:

To achieve success in examinations, increment in memorization and brilliance and to get sharp brainpower we give saffron taweezat/ amulet for drinking over empty stomach for almost 40 or 90 days.

To make your children and wife obedient and loyal:

For non-obedient children and wife a naqsh is made to make them faithful and well behaved which is called “Nash Islah e Qalb”



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