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Respect and glory, grandeur and dignity, majesty and greatness and for getting royalty and grace this talisman do wonders. Those people who are unable to achieve happiness or success in life and they have no value in social circle or at workplace, for them this Loh is a great gift. No one can overpower him if he has this Loh he will never be in dire situations when wearing this Loh. This Loh possess the quality of getting vanquished. This talisman has a strong successful history many scholars has a trust and I have a complete experience on this naqsh.

This powerful time of sun glory to conquer and subdue the human nature and for unbeatable success:
The sun gets glory and climax when it reaches 19 degrees of the Aries, this precious time comes only once a year. In any condition this time is very powerful, auspicious and cheering. Sun has a quality of being emperor in all the stars and planets on the sky. It’s the only brightest and illuminated star on the sky. It’s the all-power star which showers the most dynamic and energetic rays on earth. Body and soul gets nourished by its power. The sun glory is always the center of attraction among scholars and spiritual persons, if one can capture all those cryptic, enigmatic energies on earth related to sun then by the grace of Allah it brings dynamism, strength and energy and produce renowned fame in one’s life by which the status/rank/condition among people and in the world will be improved dramatically, so at this time and every year we prepare plenty of amaliyat/talismans which are made for pursuing the invincible creation, accretion of sustenance, prestige and dignity, accomplishment and prosperity.
This opportunity comes in April every year and thousands of talismans are made. Interested and needy people can contact and request to prepare naqsh/talisman for them. To be clear in the end one must know that many types of naqsh/talismans are made regarding sharaf-e-aftab. For example, Angelic talisman with the help of ILM-e-Jafar is made by the name of the respective person and his/her mothers name so it’s better to contact little early as it takes time. Apart from this, a kind of talisman is also made which fulfills all the needs of respective person as it gives self-sufficiency. Alhamdulillah all the talismans and charms of sun glory are exceptionally magnificent thousands of people avail this opportunity every year.
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