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Human wishes are fundamentally insatiable. Because of the infinite nature of human it is impossible to limit or control wishes. If you want to fulfill all of your dreams and all your desires, you must offer five time prayers and with that recite this 10 times in the morning and evening.. “Hasbiyallahu lailaha illahuwa alaihi tawakkaltu wahuwa Rabbul arshil azeem inshaAllah all the pending and obstructed tasks will be solved by the time. All the needs, desires and ambitions for example; marriage and matrimony, to become a rich, for promotion in rank or designation, having a son, success in love affair, to conquer enemy, protection form getting into trouble or loss of money, for better health and well being love between and wife, to remove difficulties and impediment and business, to become filthy rich and to prove themslev legendary and influential among people, this Loh e majoomoa is very beneficial. This naqsh is a collection of 225 talismans/charms which are made and filled in a very particular way.
Sufi Muhammad Imran Razvi Alqadri
(Numer0logist and Spiritual Healer)
ادارہ روحانی امداد
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