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Method Of Using Lohe Shams

Method of Using Lohe Shams
For Those Who Took Lohe Shams From Me.
You have just got the Loh-e-shams with angelic power and it’s in your hand. It has 2 naqsh/talisman, one is made on golden paper written with saffron, second is made on copper plate. The naqsh/ talisman of paper you have to wear it in neck, wrap this taweez in plastic before wrapping it in plastic, fumigate it with the fragrance of lobaan or any other very nice and pleasant fragrant, then stitch it in yellow colored or saffron colored cloth. Now don’t wrap the copper plate in plastic just stitch it in yellow or saffron colored cloth. Do all this task before Sunday, means in between Friday or Saturday.
Then on Sunday at the exact time of sun rise hold the taweez/talisman in your right hand and facing towards East direction.

And recite 11 times Durood Shareef
19 times Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim
66 times Ya-Allahu and
11 times again Durood Shareef.

Then raise your hands for pray while holding Loh in your hand then start making dua / pray like this:

Ya Arhamar Rahemeen, Ya Arhamar Rahemeen, Ya Arhamar Rahemeen! Just like you have kept the magnificence and altitude of the sun, Ya Allah give me sky-high position in life with the regard of Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

After this if you have any particular wish for example; increment in your sustenance, overcoming the enemies, success in competitive exams or any other exam, stability in job, to get rid of debt etc. or any other special wish then in the last recite Durood Shareef and finish the dua / pray, now with the help of right hand wear the Loh in your neck or tie it in your right arm (if it’s a girl then left arm)

After this, hang the Loh made on copper plate in your office or home at some high place or hide it in some place but keep this in mind that no one can see or open it. If you can’t put it in the morning then place it around 1pm afternoon.

Insha’Allah with the help of Allah’s blessing all the pending or obstructed work will be smoothen or will get fine soon. And the angels of Loh-e-Shams will always help you with the aid and support of Allah.

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